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Regional divisions

These pages present a series of chronostratigraphical stage-division (or equivalent) schemes showing the sequences in each of a series of regions.  Each scheme is plotted alongside the global scheme taken from the SQS correlation chart (Cohen & Gibbard 2011) to provide a comparison for each regional scheme.

For this to provide a useful reference, colleagues are invited to provide a simple scale (plotted in a uniform style preferably based upon the global scheme) for their region.  We wish to add regions for which there are local schemes, but which are not currently represented, so please inform us of schemes that are not yet included.  Where necessary, we include a series of short explanatory notes and a few key references, web links, etc.. 

The pages will be compiled and organised by Guzel Danukalova and Philip Gibbard to ensure compatiblity.  Once established we want to ensure that the charts are up to date, so we welcome modifications as and when they are required.


  1. British Isles
  2. North-western Europe
  3. Poland
  4. Estonia
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Greece
  8. Ukraine
  9. Russia Central (European Russia)
  10. Southern Fore-Urals
  11. Urals
  12. Lower Volga
  13. West Siberian Plain
  14. Transbaikalia
  15. Morocco
  16. New Zealand
  17. North America

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