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Version history of the Quaternary chronostratigraphical chart

This is the Version History page. Go back to the CHARTS page to download the latest version.


An updated version was produced. Main change:

correlation 2011


An updated version was produced. Main changes:

chronostrat chart version 2010


An updated version was produced. Main changes:

Chart v.2009


A version was produced for the Episodes special issue on the Quaternary (Gibbard & Cohen, 2008). Main changes:

Available for download is: the Episodes article as a PDF (contains chart, documentation and full references)


An intermediate version was web-published. Main changes:

Displayed below is v.2007b in low resolution. For download are: a bigger jpg version (2.4 Mb) | a printable version (PDF).



The 2005 version of the chart was published as an unpaginated inclusion with Boreas volume 34 (1) and web-published on this site.

Displayed below is v. 2005c in low resolution. Also available are: bigger JPG version (896 Kb) | a PDF version | Documentation PDF.



The chart was first produced and web-published on this site. It intended to provide a simple pictorial guide to correlation of the chronostratigraphical subdivisions of geological time during the late Cenozoic, to fulfill Task C of the SQS Science Plan. The chart was compiled by P.L. Gibbard, S. Boreham, K.M. Cohen & A. Moscariello.

The printing and distribution of a poster version was supported by Royal Dutch Shell BV. These privately published hard copies ( v. 2004 ) of the chart contained a serious error: the depicted Vostok curve is not the data of Petit et al. 1999, but in fact a benthic foram deep sea marine curve. Version v. 2004b has this corrected.

this page is maintained by P.L. Gibbard and K.M. Cohen

Subcommission on Quaternary Stratigraphy,
International Commission on Stratigraphy

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