Annual report 2002

Subcommission of Quaternary Stratigraphy (SQS)

After a year of uncertainty, the Subcommission of Quaternary Stratigraphy (SQS) was re-established in October 2002 by the Executive Committee of the International Stratigraphy Commission (ICS).  At its meeting the ICS Executive Committee that:

  1. A new SQS within ICS will be formed.
  2. The International Quaternary Association (INQUA) Executive Committee proposed Ph. Gibbard, as chair, who will select a secretary. ICS will propose one or two vice chairs to complete the SQS executive.
  3. The ICS Executive Committee requests that one of the vice chairs or the secretary should include a marine-based Tethyan Pleistocene stratigrapher, and that two of the executives are from outside Europe, preferably North or South America, Far Asia or Australia-New Zealand.
  4. The new executive of SQS is to be approved by the executive committees of both the ICS and INQUA and proceeds to select maximally 20 voting members, to be ratified by ICS and by INQUA.
  5. The new executive of the SQS reports to the executive of ICS, and its close link to INQUA is directly to the Executive Committee of INQUA and not to the INQUA Commission on Stratigraphy.
  6. This group of officers serves until the 32nd International Geological Congress in Florence 2004, at which time it will hold internal elections as usual for all Subcommissions.